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Customized & Personalized Woodworking

We use a computerized numerical control machine (CNC) and software allowing us to customize and personalize items just for you.
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Some of the materials that we use: Hard Woods, both domestic and exotic, ceramic tile, plastics, HDPE (high density polyethylene), foam and soft metals, such as aluminum and brass. Have a question about a material not listed above? Send us a question and we will get back to you with an answer.

Endless Creations

Need that special gift for someone or treating yourself? Look no further. We can create customized signs, picture frames, jewelry boxes, laser engraved photos and more. The possibilities end with your imagination.

  • Furniture appliques, home décor and fun wall art
  • Yard and garden decorations
  • Memorial plaques
  • Local event signs
  • Neighborhood sports, local hero or gag awards
  • Appreciation gifts
  • Holiday and special occasion decorations
  • House, home business, garage, shop and hobby signs
  • Family and friend gifts for all kinds of events
  • So much more!